Salvi & Maya discover the Netherlands - Book review

5 Feb 2014 | Laila Borrie

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 Perfect for introducing international children to all things Dutch - 'Salvi & Maya discover the Netherlands' is a very interesting book written by Mariem Aameyri with beautiful illustrations by Luuk Barink. As its name suggests, this is a story about two children, who discover different places in the Netherlands and learn interesting facts about Dutch culture. This book is available in 3 languages : English, Dutch and Spanish.

 Salvi & Maya

Salvi and Maya are bored with playing in their garden. Maya offers to take her brother Salvi, to a very special place and she leads him across farm lands to a dark cave with a big pond inside. After swimming here for awhile the children find themselves magically transported to the most beautiful garden they have ever seen, with flower fields stretching for miles in every direction. This garden turns out to be Keukenhof and so begins their journey in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam Salvi and Maya make friends with a boy named Karel who lives on a canal boat. He offers to show them around his country and together they visit interesting places like Gouda and the cheese markets. They join the Queen's day celebrations, play games and learn about this special Dutch tradition. They even manage to squeeze in a visit to the storm surge barrier in the North sea or the Oosterscheldeering. The day ends with them visiting Kinderdijk with its 19 windmills and beautiful stretches of fields. The sun is setting and the children realise it's time for them to go home. They thank their Dutch friend for teaching them so much about his country and their magical visit ends with them jumping back into a canal which will lead them to the pond inside the cave and thus home.

This book is targeted at 4-8 year old international children but indeed it can be enjoyed by almost anybody interested in Dutch culture. The story unfolds in a lively manner and the illustrations are hand drawn and very appealing. At the end of the book are interesting geographic, historic and cultural facts about the Netherlands, something that might be of special interest to older children.

Title Salvi & Maya discover the Netherlands
Author Mariem Aameyri
Illustrator Luuk Barink
Publisher Mariem Aameyri
Printer Drukwerk Consultancy
Translation Monique de Jong & Sharleen Hanson
ISBN 978-90-820344-1-7


This book can also be purchased at the following locations :

The American Book Center
Lange Poten 23
2511 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)70 364 2742





Booksellers van Hoogstraten
98 Noordeinde,
2514 GM Den Haag 
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)70 3652845




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