“Adopt a delegate” and help to stop violence against women

30 Sep 2015 | World Conference of Women's Shelters

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 “Adopt a delegate” and help to stop violence against women


One in three women across the globe are victims of violence. To do something about this, the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters is being held from 3-6 November. Care workers from over a hundred countries will convene in The Hague to join forces against one of the greatest crimes against humanity: violence against women and girls. By adopting a care worker, you can increase the impact of the conference and help aid workers with few financial resources to attend.


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The organisation tries to invite as many care workers from across the globe to increase the conference's effectiveness. Many aid workers have to carry out their work in isolated circumstances, sometimes in a dangerous or hostile environment. Sharing knowledge and experience with international colleagues is essential to ensure that they can continue to perform their daily work. For many care workers, the World Conference is one of the few opportunities they have to learn from each other and promote their expertise. The presence of a single care worker in Pakistan, for example, helps hundreds of Pakistani women. But in places where help is most needed, there is (often) a lack of financial resources. Hence the action:


“Adopt a delegate!”


You too can help to end violence against women and girls. By “adopting” a participant, you or your organisation can help aid workers in the field to be present in The Hague. This ties in nicely with what one of the prominent speakers at the conference, Hina Jilani, once said: “Nobody brings about change single-handedly. There are many people who are legendary, who have influenced events in the world, but behind them there is always a collective effort.”


Hina Jilani is an extraordinary keynote speaker. She is not only an acclaimed attorney, but also experienced the rough work in the shelters. After graduating as a lawyer in Pakistan in 1980, she founded the first all-female legal aid practice. In addition to offering pro bono legal assistance, she helped set up shelters for women fleeing violence and abuse and managed one of the shelters herself. In 2013, she became one of The Elders, a group of statesmen, peace activists and fighters for human rights brought together by Nelson Mandela. Jilani is an attorney at the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Board member of the International Service for Human Rights.


Another speaker is Emma Murphy, a 26-year-old Irish woman who recently shared her heart-breaking video on Facebook. She told everyone how her boyfriend mistreated her both physically and mentally. In one week, more than 9 million people viewed her pledge. The helpline in her homeland was ringing off the hook, and it received nearly 50% more calls than usual. And this is exactly why the 3rd World Conference of Women Shelters is so important. Emma's call for women to stand up for themselves and to connect and act is the essence of the conference. You can check the video here.


How do you adopt a participant?

The more aid workers from around the world can be present in The Hague, the more victims of violence against women and domestic violence can be helped worldwide. If we can reach hundreds of women in need with a single aid worker, we can reach tens of thousands of women in need with a hundred aid workers. With the adoption of one or more participants, your organisation will guarantee the collection of (part of) the amount that a participant needs to attend the conference. The total cost per participant is around € 1200, excluding airfare.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact: claudy.teboome@worldshelterconference.org

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