ACCESS celebrates its 30th anniversary

19 Sep 2016 | ACCESS

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At ACCESS we have a mission, and duty, to serve the community. We do so by using the personal experiences of our team to provide answers to the questions of newly arrived internationals in the Netherlands. We have an equal duty to serve the many volunteers who enable us to fulfil this mission, for without them we would not be able to do what we do.


And as of September 2016, we will have been doing this for 30 years!


ACCESS 30 Years Extrated Image For Save The Date Invite

So, while we celebrate what we have been able to achieve and the joy taken in doing so, we’d like to extend our thanks to volunteers, partners, and every individual who has passed through this organisation and contributed to its growth.

In 30 years, ACCESS has grown from a Counselling Service Network focusing on expatriate mental health issues, to a multi-faceted organisation which helps support new arrivals both by answering their questions and by providing opportunities for them to apply and develop their professional skills.

Above all, ACCESS represents community. It represents 30 years of bringing people together and helping them overcome the challenges of a new environment: be it finding a place to learn the language, dealing with new tax and school systems, making new friends over lunch break in the ACCESS office, or starting a conversation with their local neighbour over something Dutch they learned about in our magazine.

We would like to invite all friends of ACCESS to celebrate these past 30 years with us in spirit while also looking forward to the future of the organisation, and to the many people we will continue to guide and support through their new life in the Netherlands.


For an overview of the impact ACCESS has had over the past 30 years, check out this article from our magazine.

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