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3 Mar 2015 | ACCESS

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It has been almost 29 years since ACCESS was founded, and it is going strong - despite hiccups here and there along the way: 29 years of serving the international community AND its volunteers.



In order to research the impact ACCESS, as a professional volunteer organisation has had on the volunteers who have contributed to its work and history, a survey was conducted among past and present volunteers. Our statistics on web visits; social media tools; downloads and those from Help Desk tell us we are needed and appreciated by the public we serve. We did not have however statistics or information about whom our volunteers were (and are) and how ACCESS actually serves them. And, we felt this was an important measurement to review our work and purpose.

Interestingly enough, while the overall characteristics of our volunteers may have been shifting over time (age, gender, education, family make up), the general ones remain true: 74% are here as a result of a family member (spouse/parent); 80% were/are female and the reasons for joining are still predominantly related to finding structure and purpose to their lives in the Netherlands.


The results of the survey can be found here, and we look forward in the near future to introducing you to them in our new ' Meet our Volunteers'  series.

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