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21 Feb 2013 | Christine Fischer

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Communities in The Hague are ever growing and changing. This International City of Peace and Justice has over 131 international organisations which employ people from around the world. With such ever-changing growth and flux, The Hague Bridge's main mission has been to provide community building events in the city for all residents of The Hague, international and local alike.


The Hague Bridge is a proactive initiative to keep the communities informed about their beautiful home. It can be as intimidating for the local residents as it is to the new internationals regarding all the new wonderful dynamics that occur in an international city. It allows every resident to fully appreciate the stories each of the eight districts has to tell about their history and culture. Additionally, it promotes participants in getting to know about the diversity of residents that call The Hague home. 


Celebrating the city

Over the years The Hague Bridge has helped internationals and locals explore Ypenburg, Segbroek, Haagse Hout, Laakkwartier, Schevenigen, Escamp, etc. Whether it is commissioning students from the Royal Academy of Art to design a Tree of Peace for the city centre, or organising guided walks of the Peace Palace, Embassies and Ambassadorial residences; The Hague Bridge is teaching everyone about their communities.  Each individual begins to learn that The Hague is much more than just a series of streets with houses but is also home to the OPCW, World Forum, Europol, ICT, Expatriate Archive Centre, Humanity House, and many more unique and international organisations.


Moreover, The Hague Bridge has helped each district promote opportunities to learn about the great diversity of the international community. Whether it is a guided tour of the multicultural foods available from the plethora of restaurants catering to every taste, to culturally dynamic fashion shows; The Hague Bridge teaches those involved how internationally dynamic The Hague really is.


How to build your own "Bridge":

If you want to become an "Architect", The Hague Bridge is now looking for initiatives from the communities themselves.  Sports clubs, community centres, schools, libraries and other interested parties from the districts can apply to organise new activities or connect existing events to this initiative. Would you like to apply for funding to organise your own The Hague Bridge event? Please click here to find out how.

Christine Fischer, MA M.Ed. Multicultural Counselling Psychology, TC, Columbia University.

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