Call for Volunteers - The Unity in Diversity

11 Oct 2017 | The Unity in Diversity

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Call for Volunteers – The Unity in Diversity


Do you want to join a rising non-profit to make meaningful impact in the issue of refugees’ integration? Are you interested in working within a team made of vibrant minds representing cultural diversity? Then Unity in Diversity (UID) may be the place for you.

 UID Unity In Diversity

When describing UID in one sentence, we say that “we work towards building a community where everyone feels at home, by bringing together refugees, The Dutch, Expats and all levels of the Dutch society, through various projects and activities”. Breaking it down further, the focus of our foundation is socio-cultural integration, where we help first and foremost the refugees and then everyone else interested, to understand cultures represented in the Netherlands, and to share our cultures with one another. Simply put, starting over in a new society can be challenging, but through our work, we turn these challenges into fun, and we build in understanding and tolerance.


We have been in existence for nearly a year, and we are happy to have made impact in the lives of refugees, and many others here in The Netherlands. Our aim is to extend our impact to other cities, even beyond The Netherlands. 

To this end therefore, we have lined up a couple of projects and activities, some of which you may find interesting to either join, or volunteer for. See for more information about projects.


We are looking for volunteers to help us with the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Desk and Field Research (both news research and legal/policy research)
  • Organizing
  • Transcription
  • Translating (Dutch, Arabic, Tigrinya)
  • English Language Teaching; (UK, American or Australian English).
  • Film making/short documentaries
  • Musical instruments and literary arts teaching
  • Newsletter preparation and editing


If you are interested in any or multiple positions please send us your CV and motivational letter, stating which volunteer position(s) you are interested in and why you believe you fit this position.

For those who may be interested in Research positions, please send us a writing sample of a research work you have done, or write an essay on any topic related to refugees (Not more than 1500 words).

For those interested in film making/documentary positions should please send us a sample of any of such work you may have done, you can also send it as a YouTube link or attachment to the email.


When we receive this, we will evaluate each application and inform you of the outcome. We consider ourselves an open foundation where we give people the opportunity to make a difference; hence our volunteers feel free to share their ideas, and grow in the work place. Our volunteers also have free access to all our activities, and we encourage professional growth.


We do hope that you can be a part of our work in making our communities feel like home.

Also Check us out on Facebook by following this Link .


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