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28 Feb 2013 | Sally Squirrell

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Natallya Ryzhykava is a fashion designer and is attempting an innovative community project from her base in The Hague.


Together We Fashion is the term she has coined to cover this project which involves members of the community submitting a picture of their face or a loved one's face, a word, sentence, quote or a short poem which has a special meaning. 

This is then designed into a beautiful print for fabric and made into a garment to be worn by models on the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week in July 2013.




Together We Fashion

Image: Natallya Ryzhykava

To achieve her aim of 'bringing the words and faces of the community to the catwalk', Natallyah needs the help of the international and local communities. Like the flash mobs which create music and dance exhibitions by SMS, Natallya wants to use the powerful medium of social media networking to bring people together to create fashion.  Natallya seeks to promote collaboration between people by sharing information and use it make something meaningful.


Already an ambitious project, she is also endeavouring to make use of crowdfunding, an exciting new internet based initiative, which allows entrepreneurs to raise funding through the internet and allows individuals to commit relatively small amounts of investment to projects they believe in. Perks and freebies such as invites for the NATA RYZH fashion show, a beautifully printed silk scarf or a silk designer limited edition dress especially made for you are available depending on how you can help with the project.


Natallya will be able to employ young fashion industry creatives if enough people invest in the project. She is looking for seamstresses, pattern cutters, photographers, print and graphic designers to work together to make the project a success for the community.

As Natallyah says, "Lets bring fashion to another level and have fun with it while creating employment opportunities!" .


To join in the community endeavour, view the video;     


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