Security starts in your own head

5 Mar 2014 | William Rumley-van Gurp

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Everybody wants a safe place - to live, work and love, but the truth is that despite our best efforts like locked doors, guarded trains, CCTV camera's watching every neighborhood, we sometimes have to take responsibility for our own security.



Self defense is a very important skill and there is a lot more to it than a simple throw or a kick to the legs.  A fight can be defined as a use of force to overcome an opponent, but personal security awareness keeps you from engaging in such a situation in the first place.

When you go to the store, you visit one that you know will give you the best value for your money and quality.  Still you wouldn't buy something without first checking the prices and see if perhaps you can get a discount or the best deal going.  Well, this is the rule for Security Awareness too.  You need to be aware of what is going on and look for the advantages whenever you may find them.

Crime in the Netherlands is not a massive problem.  For a country of this size, the Netherlands is considered quite safe.  Violent crime statistics are generally low but one important distinction is that larceny has increased over the last 12 years by more than 300%.   Muggings, theft, break-ins, and scams are active in the biggest cities here.  Cities in the Randstad area  targeted for their money, and that includes English speaking tourist, expats, and foreign students.  

I teach self-defense as part of my curriculum in my Karate/Kempo school, techniques on how to survive.  I also offer a course in personal security awareness alone- for groups, clubs, and companies.  In this two hour lecture I talk about the preventative 5 steps to self-defense and the part that personal security awareness gives.
Any security agency or company security policy starts with personal vigilance.  I can help you develop the awareness you need to be safer and more effective in your community.

Please contact me for more information at or see our karate website 

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