The 3 Most Interesting Queries of the Month - April 2015

19 Apr 2015 | ACCESS

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Dear ACCESS Help Desk,

I am about to rent an apartment from a landlady who owns the apartment. She was living in the apartment until now, and despite the fact she will be renting it out to me, she wants to stay registered as a tenant in the apartment. She said that she would like to continue receiving her mail at that address. I have to admit that I do not feel very comfortable with this situation. Is it normal that landlords in the Netherlands stay registered at their places, as tenants, even when they are not living there anymore?

Thanks in advance.




Dear client, 

Thank you for contacting ACCESS, we understand from your e-mail that you want to know if landlords in The Netherlands stay registered as tenants at their places.

Dutch law stipulates that all new residents need to register within 5 days if they will reside in the Netherlands longer than 4 months. You must register in your city or town of residence and change this registration if you move to another city or town. You need to report your change of address at the earliest 4 weeks before and at the latest 5 days after your move. By Dutch law everyone is obliged to de-register at the municipality when they have moved. When they register somewhere in the Netherlands this is done automatically. 

If you are moving from another Dutch municipality to The Hague or you are moving within The Hague, you also have to report this within 5 days after your move. One adult member of the family may register the entire family. You can report your arrival or a change of address online, in writing or in person. There are three different ways to report your move:


Report your move online

With DigiD: You can report your move within The Hague by making use of an online moving form. You will need a DigiD code and a scanned copy of the Proof of Occupancy.

Without DigiD: You can also report your move, even if you do not have a DigiD code.

The entire procedure for both cases is explained under Report your move.


Report your move in writing

Another way of reporting your move in writing is to write a letter yourself containing the following information:

  • Former address and new address
  • Personal information for all family members who are moving
  • Signature of 1 of the adult applicants

The envelope should also include the following documents:

  • Copy of valid identification (passport or identity card) for all family members over the age of 16
  • Copy of the Proof of Occupancy

You can send the letter to:

Gemeente Den Haag
Postbus 12620
2500 DL The Hague

Report your move in person

You can report your move in person by visiting any of the city district offices in The Hague. You will need an appointment for this. More information can be found under Report your move.

-In your particular case, where the landlady wants to keep her address as the address of the apartment you want to rent, we suggest you to make an appointment with the municipality of the The Hague to discuss the best solution. 

We hope this information will help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have further questions.

Kind regards,

The ACCESS Help Desk Team


Dear ACCESS Help Desk,


I will soon be relocating with my husband and daughter to the Netherlands.

My daughter is presently in a private school in our country which caters for students with language-based difficulties.  She currently experiences a high level of specialized support to address issues of reading fluency and writing.  The school explicitly teaches executive functional skills and addresses problems with attention deficit. She is dyslexic and has been diagnosed with ADHD although she takes medication which means that hyperactivity is well-controlled.

I have contacted the British and American Schools in the Hague area and the ~Lighthouse School and the International school and British school in Amsterdam/Amstelveen area, but wonder if there are there any other schools in The Hague, Amsterdam, greater Amsterdam area who can deal with these needs.


Thanks in advance.



Dear client, 

Thank you for contacting ACCESS. 

We understand from your e-mail that you would like some information regarding education for a child with ADHD and dyslexia. 

You have mentioned in your e-mail the main options in the area of The Hague and Amsterdam; however, we can suggest you other places that might be relevant to the family you have been assisting: 

This school has a small Special Educational Needs (SEN) department providing both educational, social and emotional support to those pupils in need.

When applying, parents of children with special needs are requested to provide as much information as possible as well as include any reports from psychologists, speech therapists and specialist teachers. You can read more in the website:

Phone number:+31(0)715896861
Address: Klimopzoom  41
                Leiderdorp 2353RE

LearningPlus is an educational practice that specializes in learning and everything that involves learning. Around half of all children and teens that LearningPlus helps are non-Dutch and speaking English. They mostly have an expat background and come from different international schools in the area. The website provides you with more information:

Phone number: +31 (070) 744 41 11 
Cell phone: +31 (06) 14 78 90 47 
Adress: Laan van Nieuw Oosteinde 103 
               Voorburg 2274 EB

We hope you will find this information useful. In case you contact any of the service providers above, please do mention you heard from them through ACCESS. 

Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 

Kind Regards,

The ACCESS Help Desk Team



My family and I moved to Singapore from the Netherlands in October 2014. We have decided to import our car from the Netherlands, but we couldn't get enough information about reliable car shipping companies using google search. We would be happy if you could suggest to us a few international car shipping companies. 



Dear client,

Thank you for contacting ACCESS.

We understand from your email that you are looking for information about international car shipping.

We can provide the following two options for you that we have found relating specifically to car relocation.

1) International Car Movers
This service offers the possibility of typing in your location and destination to obtain three quotes from different companies. (Website in English)

2) Sante Fe Relocation Services
This service specialises in shipping motor vehicles from Europe to over 100 destinations around the world. (Website has English language option)

Please note this additional important information:
To register a vehicle abroad, a complete vehicle registration certificate must be present with the vehicle to be able to register the vehicle in a foreign country.  But it is also important that you are aware of the need to de-register your vehicle for both RDT (road tax) and APK (roadworthiness).

The following information about de-registration of a vehicle has been taken from the RDW Dutch website, which concerns Road Tax.  Here is a link to information on this website in English: 

However, a more comprehensive description can be found on the Dutch pages - you can use Google translate to get an idea of the information provided.

Finally, if your car is currently being stored with a storage company, it may be worth contacting them to see if they also organise international shipping and de-registration.

We hope that this information will help you to find suitable shipping options for your car.  Should you decide to contact any of the above organisations, please do mention that you heard about them through ACCESS.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Kind regards,


The ACCESS Help Desk Team


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