The Mobile Life: A new approach to moving anywhere

22 Apr 2015 | Molly Quell

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The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere

By Diane Lemieux | Anne Parker


The Mobile Life

Authors Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker have plenty of experience with a mobile life, having lived in nearly 20 countries between the two of them. And they want you to think about moving abroad like companies do. Using change management theory, the two set out to provide the reader with a handbook for moving abroad.


Unlike many books about living abroad, The Mobile Life is not filled with charming anecdotes and heartfelt personal experiences. Instead, the book reads more like a textbook than a novel and systematically covers everything from the decision to move to the possibility of returning home. Along the way, it also details the failed expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who, in 1914, attempted cross Antarctica via the South Pole. The authors use Shackleton’s story to highlight how, even today, those who move abroad are really like explorers.


The authors begin by addressing what one can do to start the journey off on the right foot. Advice ranges from treating the family unit like a team, with defined roles, to managing your expectations of what the moving experience will be like. The book dedicates half of the pages to preparation and planning, highlighting just how important those are in having a successful journey.


It then shifts into negotiating culture shock, setting in and rethinking your life as an international. The authors cover everything from changes in the weather to changes in culture and how all of those can affect your mental and emotional well-being. Tucked in the back is even a checklist for all of the tasks you may need to complete in preparation for an international move.


What sets The Mobile Life apart from other books discussing moving abroad is the practical advice, especially that about the psychological impact of moving. The book is certainly useful for anyone moving abroad for the first time, but even a seasoned international would find much of the contents useful.


About Diane Lemieux

Diane was born in Quebec, Canada and began travelling at the age of three. She has since lived in 10 countries ( Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Brazil, China, Mozambique, Congo-Brazzaville, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and most recently Nigeria) and speaks English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. She studied international and intercultural issues as well as communication and journalism. Her life goal is to build bridges of empathy and understanding between peoples and cultures through her books and articles. She has ten years experience in international development and over fourteen years as a freelance author, journalist and editor.


About Anne Parker

Anne was born to British parents in New Zealand and has lived in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Jamaica, Nigeria, the UK and Australia. She is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has over twenty years of experience working and training within international companies and multicultural teams. Anne’s passion is to empower people who move abroad. With a career that spans a range of industries, she has used her wealth of experience to develop training programmes for international companies on culture, intercultural communication and personal change management. She also developed a unique training programme that was the basis for many of the concepts in this book.




Molly Quell

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