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13 Mar 2013 | ACCESS

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By Eva László-Herbert and Jo Parfitt


The Worlds Within – an anthology of Third Culture Kids' art and writing: young, global, between cultures

This anthology is being compiled by Eva László-Herbert and Jo Parfitt and will be published by Summertime Publishing for a 2014 publication.


Global mobility

Defining the 21st century is nearly impossible without highlighting the issue of global mobility. People from all continents move, meet, work, fall in love, find families and move again. Most often, their children and young adults move with them, without their having much choice in this. They follow their families across continents,  taking along their flexible, yet very vulnerable roots. Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Third Culture Adults (TCAs) are terms that have been coined over the last six decades, describing individuals who have more than one defining culture and identity. As a concept, they have helped countless people, young and not so young, to charter and come to terms with their unusual, un-linear and un-simple biographies as TCKs and TCAs. As editors, we are compiling an anthology of TCK art and writing, as a first volume of a bigger project, which aims to make the lives and stories of worldwide TCKs and TCAs visible and graspable. 



This article is both a presentation of our project as well as an invitation to join us. Please help us spread the word and collect contributions from those children and young adults who are currently facing unprecedented choice in shaping their lives. People who are, at the same time, treading on unchartered land, as they live everywhere,  speak several languages, lose and rebuild relationships and develop a perspective on a world that at times feels too small and is yet too big. We aim to give this generation a platform to express – in their own words and images – what it means to be between worlds, on a daily basis.

The deadline for submissions is 22 March 2014 or at the 14th Families in Global Transition Conference in Washington, DC.



We look forward to receiving high resolution art work and written submissions – from haiku to short story – of up to 2000 words, on any aspect of TCK life, by authors who were younger than 27 at the moment of writing. Submissions can be sent to:, in plain Times New Roman 12 font.

Artwork will be published in black and white and must be submitted in the highest possible resolution. Texts will be organised within the anthology according to age.

Authors: aged 0-27, have the explicit right to remain anonymous or submit their work using a Nom de plume.


Minimum requirements that need to accompany submissions

A name, the age when the submitted work was created, countries the author has lived in and a three word motto, which is relevant to their life

(Eva's, for example is: connect – contribute – celebrate).

If desired, authors may add any information – website, blog, email, twitter – by which their art/writing can be followed, for example:

Jane Chen, 12, Korea, Australia; positive – thoughtful – expressive;, @janesblog


The Anthology

We will select up to 100 contributions and publish them at Summertime Publishing, a publishing company that specialises in book by and for people living abroad.


Preserving the submissions

All submissions will be presented to The Expatriate Archive Centre in The Hague, the Netherlands, where they will be preserved and available to the public for future reading and research.


Contact us or by calling +31 (0)65 365 3121 and let us know how we can make this project even more more meaningful.


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Sponsorship and advertising

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available in the book and on the website. Please get in touch for details, or see the website.



5% of all profits will go to the Dave Pollock Foundation at FIGT, which gives scholarships to conference attendees.



The Worlds Within will be sold in print and Kindle format via Amazon and other online bookstores as well as via certain bookstores, supporters and contributors. It is available at no less than 25% discount to anyone ordering more than 10 copies and can be used as a fundraiser.

We truly hope that our project will inspire you to become a promoter and a multiplicator. Please spread the word within your networks – locally and globally.


Thank you,

Eva László-Herbert Jo Parfitt

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