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9 Apr 2013 | British School in the Netherlands

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First published in ACCESS Spring 2013 e-zine




The British School in the Netherlands (BSN) fully understands the importance of keeping up with technology, and works hard to stay abreast of new methods and ideas which incorporate Information Communication Technology (ICT) into the core curriculum.


Staff are encouraged to explore new ways of further integrating technology into the school day as a means for inspiring creativity, stimulating ideas and motivating learners. The intellectual ‘freedom’ this can provide results in an increase in confidence as students learn to express themselves in a different environment. A recent study carried out by the UK Department for Education into the benefits and use of ICT in schools, produced some  fascinating evidence relating to the impact on student attainment and motivation. Some of the key findings  included:

  • Some 86% of teachers in 25 EU member states felt that students are motivated and attentive when using ICT in  class
  • Evidence also suggests that ICT helps to draw students into positive modes of motivation


This evidence, coupled with the outcomes of the BSN’s own research, has led to the development of the school’s strategy for the wider use of mobile technology at the school, resulting in the introduction of a ‘1-to-1 iPad Programme’ at the start of this 2012-2013 school year. The school provides a 65% subsidy for the iPads including  the cost for any apps the students are required to use in support of their learning.


The driving purpose behind the introduction of the 1-to-1 iPad Programme was first and foremost to enrich the learning experience of students, whilst enhancing their motivation and enjoyment of learning. Six months into the programme the early signs have been extremely positive. Maths is one of the subjects in which iPads have been extensively utilised by teaching staff. Senior School Maths Teacher Hilary Porritt recognises the benefits
of incorporating the use of iPads into the curriculum and has already noticed a positive impact on the way in which her students have been learning since the introduction of the programme. Mrs Porritt explains, “I love the fact that students can instantly look something up – it allows them to work with real facts and figures rather than examples from text books”.


The journey has so far has been extremely exciting and in many ways has started to redefine teaching and learning at the BSN. On the whole, the impact of the 1-to-1 iPad programme has been enormous and hugely positive for both teachers and students. This is certainly a very interesting time to be studying or teaching at the school.

For further information on the 1-to-1 iPad programme, or the BSN in general, please contact the Admissions
department on 070 315 4077 or via



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