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19 Mar 2017 | British School in The Netherlands

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ACCESS Mssion Vision FeatureFirst published in ACCESS Spring 2017 magazine






Open your child’s window to the world at The BSN


 Choosing a school that provides academic excellence and an enriching environment for your child is one of the most momentous decisions you’ll make. After all, this is where career choices are made and dreams begin! A little daunting perhaps but The British School in the Netherlands (BSN) has the expertise to help you.


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Four campuses, one school

With four campuses across The Hague, we’re large enough to cater for families from all over the Randstad. Naturally, we follow the British curriculum from Foundation Stage (ages three – five) to Sixth Form (ages 16 – 18) where students can choose from several academic pathways including A Level, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). There’s plenty of opportunity to interact cross-school in our many co-curricular activities, and in doing so, wider friendship circles are created, making for sociable, confident children.


Academic excellence

BSN students leave school with the academic credentials that universities are seeking. In 2016, they had an average score of 37 for their IBDP, a 100% pass rate for their IBCP and 81% of students studying A-level received A*-C grades. With results such as these it’s no wonder our students’ university destinations are impressive. During the past five years, our students have achieved places at 182 different universities in over 20 countries. A BSN education really can open the window to a world of opportunities.


Life skills

Central to the BSN’s value system is “preparing its community to be confident citizens and leaders in tomorrow’s world”. Students are taught to be independent learners who are at ease with modern international life. Language proficiency is an important part of this so Dutch is taught from age four, while English support, tailored to your child’s needs, is provided for non-native speakers.


Project work, field trips and a culture of questioning, ensures that the students are creative thinkers with strong problem-solving skills. BSN students are capable learners, eager to investigate, understand and evaluate—skills which will serve them well later in life.


Our Alumni careers’ list is proof enough that a BSN education nurtures talent in every subject; from -medicine to performing arts and from engineering to fashion design—anything is possible at The BSN.




British School in the Netherlands

The British School in The Netherlands is an independent British international school with three Junior School campuses in The Hague and a Senior School in Voorschoten. With around 2,000 students, the BSN is the largest provider of International education in the Netherlands for children aged 3 to 18.

T: 070 315 4077

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