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23 Sep 2013 | British School in the Netherlands

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First published in ACCESS Autumn 2013 e-zine




With more than 80 different nationalities making up our student population the BSN is a school where diversity is encouraged and differences are valued.


The school takes pride in taking this international diversity and combining it with a curriculum built on solid British foundations – providing a unique educational experience.


Internationally focused

An international education is as much about the quality of the relationships formed between students as it is about the academic aspects of school. Relationships that become the foundation that support and inspire BSN students as  they develop into international citizens. Friendships are formed which transcend traditional barriers and  differences. Ordinary day-to-day situations become opportunities to educate students beyond their own cultural  mind set, within a spirit of understanding and tolerance.


Internationally adaptable

Moving internationally presents unique challenges for families and for students. Staff at the BSN fully understand the needs of international families – providing help and support to ensure they quickly settle into their new school and wider environment. Students develop a strong sense of adaptability, open-mindedness and flexibility both for themselves and in their attitudes towards others – valuable characteristics that will help them to flourish and  succeed in later life.


Internationally motivated

Learning new languages, helps to create understanding and respect of others – it is the key to obtaining a deeper understanding of other people, other cultures and other countries. Language learning in the BSN is not  restricted to the classroom or language laboratory; it is embedded into all that they do. Although English is their day-to-day working language, there are around 55 mother tongues which may be spoken within the school  community every day. Exposure to such a breadth of languages is invaluable – the BSN capitalises on this  opportunity to motivate the continuous language development of all their students.


Internationally ambitious

As the term ‘Global Graduates’ becomes the new buzz phrase amongst employers and universities, it becomes  increasingly important for students to develop exactly the kind of skills they learn at the BSN. Their time at the school helps fuel an intellectual curiosity; adaptability and sense of adventure that shapes them into  responsible, wellrounded and motivated citizens.


Internationally adventurous

The BSN’s ‘Internationally British’ characteristics are deeply entwined into the school philosophy. The school  believes in nurturing a child’s spirit of adventure to enable them to embrace every challenge and opportunity  that comes their way. With trips not just across Holland, but also around the world, even the youngest of  students are provided with the opportunity of educational experiences beyond the classroom. Whether building classrooms in Kenya, rock climbing in the Ardennes, sailing in England or visiting the dunes of Scheveningen, there are adventures and opportunities to suit everyone at The British School in The Netherlands.


British School in the Netherlands

The British School in The Netherlands is an independent British international school with three Junior School campuses in The Hague and a Senior School in Voorschoten. With around 2,000 students, the BSN is the largest provider of International education in the Netherlands for children aged 3 to 18.


T: 070 315 4077

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