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27 Jan 2014 | German International School The Hague

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The German International School The Hague enjoys a long history in the Netherlands dating back to its foundation in 1863.


Although the school has grown and developed over the past 150 years, the fundamentals have never changed – providing high quality education to children and teens opening their eyes to opportunities in a world waiting to be discovered.

Quality and Excellence made in Germany

When one reflects on excellence in the automotive industry, Germany is the country one tends to think of first. High quality, ground breaking technology and modern design are just some of the strengths associated with the likes of Mercedes, BMW or Porsche to name just a few.  The German International School The Hague has grown based on that same German tradition for quality and reliability.


The German International School The Hague provides its pupils with an excellent education and language skills, which opens the doors to them to study in a multitude of language and countries of their choice. Naturally, the basic language at the school is German, paving the way for the future engineers and designers of the successful automotive industry. However, the pupils at the German International School The Hague are just as likely to follow their studies in countries such as England, France, Canada or the Netherlands.


One does not necessarily think of the Netherlands first with regards to the automotive industry; one may also not immediately think of a German school as providing an international education. However at the German International School The Hague, over 30 nationalities are represented. 340 children and teenagers from the ages of 3 to 18 hail from countries as diverse as Bolivia, Hungary, Thailand and Italy amongst others. The parents of all these different children have one common interest: providing their children with an excellent education and the best possible opportunities to fulfil their dreams and goals.


As in the automotive industry, safety, reliability and excellence remain the driving force behind the German International School The Hague. Pupils are provided with a secure and familiar environment in which to benefit from the high quality of a far-reaching education. While the Dutch automotive industry is a well kept secret to many, even those living in the Netherlands, so too is The German International School The Hague a hidden treasure among the expat community in The Hague. Proud of its history, the school is pleased to open the successes of the German industry and economy to its international students whilst providing a cosmopo-litan home to its German students. It is this give and take of German tradition together with its vital international influence that makes the school as special as it is. Join The Hague’s hidden gem and learn more about The German International School The Hague.

Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag
Van Bleiswijkstraat 125
2582 LB The Hague
The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 354 9594

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