First International Integrated Child Centre

9 Oct 2015 | True Colors Childcare

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On 24 August, the Integrated Child Centre (ICC) of the International School Delft and True Colors Delft opened its doors. It is the first international integrated child centre in the Netherlands and is situated on the TU Delft campus. Parents are keen to get a place for their child in one of the ‘world classes’ in the child centre.

Truecolors ICC


The ICC offers continuous education and a single pedagogical environment for children of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, from 0 to 12 years, and a meeting place for the international community in the area. Stichting Rijswijkse Kinderopvang and the Laurentius Stichting joined forces and started working with True Colors Delft and the International School Delft in September 2014. The education and out-of-school care were temporarily housed offsite in Delft. There, space was insufficient to house the crèche as well. At the moment, the school is bursting at the seams, and parents have been waiting anxiously for the crèche to open. 


True Colors Delft: a home away from home

Manager Regina Stork: “Our core values are ‘contact’ and ‘connect’, creating a home away from home. These values are reflected in the way we work together with the school, parents and the children, as well as in the design of the ICC building and in our approach to outdoor play. The elements earth, fire, water and air are themes in both our pedagogical policy and the design of the childcare centre. Wooden-style flooring creates the natural feel. The aqua-coloured flooring in the corridors is as if a river is flowing through the childcare centre. We hold regular consultation and coordination meetings with our team of teachers. After all, we’re all seeing the same children. We work with the same themes and activities as a school, so the lesson materials really take root. We will also often be found in school with the older children.”


International School Delft

 School Director Colm McDermott: “We are really looking forward to moving to our new location and being able to work in closer collaboration with True Colors Delft to provide a seamless transition from day care into school; this will especially be possible as we will be on the same site.  I am excited by the prospect of working together and having opportunities for our children to interact.  Another focal point will be how we can develop the ICC as a central meeting point for international families within the Delft area.”

  True Colours childcare 

Karel Doormanlaan 1

2283 AG Rijswijk

near Plaspoelpolder (EPO and Shell)

T: 088 001 7362


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