Guest Lecturers sought for "The world in your classroom"

4 Oct 2017 | The world is your classroom

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Guest lecturers sought for 'The World in Your Classroom'

The World in Your Classroom is recruiting motivated volunteers to become guest lecturers, conversation givers and guest examiners. Would you like to give a guest lecture in English about your home country, or a French, Spanish or German conversation class to Dutch high school students?


Saadia S Gravendreef College Dec 2016 Henriette Guest Fotografie 

Saadia Zahra Imran from Pakistan at `S Gravendreef College - Photo

Credit Henriette Guest Fotografie



Please sign up before 28 October through here.

This volunteer programme for internationals of The Hague brings world cultures and languages to Dutch high school classrooms in the region. The World in Your Classroom sends trained internationals to give guest lectures to Dutch high schools in The Hague region about their home countries or their mother languages.  They teach them about various aspects of their home countries such as the culture, economy, current affairs and geography. There is currently a demand for as many different nationalities as possible as well as for native speakers of English for schools with an advanced English language curriculum.

Some high schools teach Mandarin Chinese as a second language. They welcome volunteers to give a presentation in English about China, with a hands-on activity related to Chinese characters or greetings.   

For this school year

The novelty of this 5th edition will be for the volunteers to offer a few guest lectures in English at local community colleges, with topics related to career issues. It could be about the fashion industry, primary education or paralegal work for example.

Successful past editions

Last year more than 100 internationals participated in the programme. They gave lectures to students aged 13 to 17 from almost 20 schools in The Hague. The programme is a unique opportunity for them to broaden their horizons and to practice their foreign languages in a fun way.

This year most of the guest lectures will be held from the last week of November till the second week of December 2017. A few schools will hold theirs later during the school year. They will also request volunteers to be co-examiners in conversation exams end of January or end of May and in June.

Support from municipality

This current school year is the 4th time the Municipality of The Hague, PEP Den Haag, ACCESS and The Hague Bridge are making The World in Your Classroom possible through funding and promotional support.



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