Swimming with the nursery is great fun!

18 Apr 2017 | True Colors Childcare

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Swimming with the nursery is great fun!


Swimming can save your child’s life. Important in a water rich country like the Netherlands. Swimming is also lots of fun and provides lots of health benefits. Therefore the children of True Colors childcare in Rijswijk start swimming at the age of 2.

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Every Thursday children between 2-4 years of age at the nursery are really excited. They are going swimming at De Schilp Sports Park. We travel by minibus. The teachers must have a special certificate to drive the bus with children. In preparation, at the nursery, the kids are packing the swimming bags: bathing suits, towels, something to drink and something to eat. Get all the children ready and… off we go!


At De Schilp we first change the children into their bathing suits and then they take a shower. The children who have just started the swimming lessons, start in the smallest pool, bath 1. It is only filled with a little bit of water and children learn in a playful manner to be in the water and feel comfortable.


After a while (the pace is different per child) they can go to the next pool. In all the different pools they are guided by swimming instructors. The teachers of True Colors are also there, but they are not swimming with the children. They are only there to make the children feel at ease. In bath 2 the children learn to jump into the water and make more and more official swimming moves. In this way they get prepared to, in the end, get their certificate. When the children are 4 years old and leave the nursery, they can still continue the swimming lessons.


At the end of each lesson, the party is completed by taking the slide, ROETSJJJ into the water. Great fun.

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