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19 Mar 2017 | Live and learn in four countries a year, every year, for three years.

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ACCESS Mssion Vision FeatureFirst published in ACCESS Spring 2017 magazine




THINK Global School


THINK Global School is redefining the boarding experience by jetting its students around the world, allowing them to gain a truly global education one country at a time.

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Live and learn in four countries a year, every year, for three years.

That’s the concept behind THINK Global School, the world’s first travelling high school, where students from over 20 countries come together to gain a truly global education. THINK Global School was founded in 2009 by Joann McPike, an intrepid traveller herself, who had explored over 70 countries with her son, Alex, before he turned 14. Discontent with the options for global exploration that existed within current international schools, the idea for THINK Global School was born. And in 2010, the school launched with 14 students, a small staff of teachers, and a shared desire to experience the world.



Since then, THINK Global School has expanded to 45 students; recruited a world-class team of teachers; received Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation and International Baccalaureate® authorization; and graduated three classes of students, with alumni going on to universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Columbia. Over 18 countries have been explored, and lifelong memories have been carved at the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu and the Great Wall, among many other places.


During their travels, students build relationships not just with one another, but with the communities that they visit. These first-hand experiences provide valuable insights into the religious, political, cultural, and socio-economic issues that can’t be conveyed in a classroom. As they formulate perspectives through these interactions, students are encouraged to inspire change where possible, be it championing the rights of the indigenous Guarani in Argentina or initiating conservation efforts in Bosnia. As they travel the world, THINK Global School students quickly realize that the issues of their neighbours are their issues as well.


This year, THINK Global School will begin visiting four countries per year instead of three, providing an even more profound educational experience for the students who choose to attend. In 2017 - 18, those countries include Japan, India, Botswana, and Spain; in 2018 - 19, China, Oman, Costa Rica, and Greece.



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TGS has taught me to love the world. Love it with all its beauty, wonders, problems and realities.”
Mark Surnin, Class of 2014"

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