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ACCESS Trainers are an integral part of the ACCESS Community. They provide training opportunities on topics of relevance to the international community ACCESS serves, in English or other languages. Trainers who work with ACCESS are vetted for their relevancy to the international community. These trainers offer courses aimed at providing opportunities for personal growth; supporting the development of 'community'; learning something new; preparing for a new direction; cultural adaption; as well as pregnancy and childbirth.


Get to know all our trainers, they are listed alphabetically below. Or you can use these quick links if you're looking for one trainer in particular...

Creative: Megan Alter

Cultural awareness: Ute Limacher-Riebold - Caitríona Rush

Global mobility: Marie Dewulf Ute Limacher-Riebold -  Caitríona Rush - O'Ona Souissi

Having a baby: Truus Gale  Chitra Natarajan - Lee Tolman - Ria Wiertz 

Health, Physical & Mental wellbeing:   Marie-Christine Belemsigri-Dezaire - Janneke Hellendoorn - Jacinta Noonan - Jac RongenLelia Spada - Alexandra Vos

Professional skills development: Marie Dewulf Petra Fisher  - Lisa Hall - Teressa Moynihan - Janet Rodenburg  - O'Ona Souissi 


Megan Alter

Professional Photographer & Photography Teacher

Photography courses, Amsterdam & The Hague

   Megan Alter

Learn to take better photos. Megan believes in learning by doing; her classes not only teach theory, but how to put that theory into practice. Sign up for a class now and take control of your camera so you can express yourself and create beautiful memories. Read more about Megan's courses here.


Marie - Christine Belemsigiri-Dezaire

Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Essential Oils and Wellness Consultant

Workshops, massages, (1-1) coaching, The Netherlands & Skype                                                                                                 


                    Marie Christine

 Marie-Christine is an aroma therapist and Pure Essential oils consultant. Through Healing Touch and Massage with essential oils, she helps people:

  • Reduce and eliminate stress and restore harmony in their lives (mind-body-spirit).
  • Find balance and increase their energetic level.
  • Build courage and confidence to move forward in their lives.

She conducts  workshops, trainings and one-on-one sessions to help people empower themselves and make conscious choices for a healthy life. Her services are available in Dutch, English, German and French.

Thank you and  pleasure to serve you.


Marie Dewulf

International Life and Career Coach

Workshops and 1-1 coaching, the Netherlands & via Skype

  Marie Dewulf

 Marie is an expatriate, a Life and Career Coach and trainer/facilitator whose focus is on cross-cultural adaptation, communication skills, and career development/transition. She works with you to discover what is holding you back from achieving fulfillment; what your hidden talents are and how these can be identified and released to unlock YOUR potential. It is not about telling you what you should do, but about discovering what you can do and having a guide by your side. Read more about Marie's offerings here.



Petra Fisher          

Linkedin Consultant                                              

                     Petra Fisher            

 Petra Fisher: a LinkedIn Consultant with a twist. Straight forward, fun, creative and driven to keep going till the result is what she set out to achieve with you. A new client or employer, what matters is that your LinkedIn Profile resonates with them and showcases your strengths and skills.

PS. Petra lives with her teenage daughter and big-fat-red-cat. She loves to travel to Thailand. She’s either got her nose in books or the laptop, out on a long walk or stuck into some crochet. The magic word is tea.

You are welcome to download a brief CV here, check her out on LinkedIn  and join the Facebook Group LinkedIn Tips.


Truus Gale

Experienced Midwife and Prenatal Coach

Childbirth preparation, Amsterdam


   Okt 2014-E-s .kleine Versie

Truus has over 25 years experience in Dutch midwifery and related areas. She holds a Dutch equivalent of a BA in Educational Sciences from Amsterdam University and graduated from Amsterdam Midwifery College in 1988. Truus has been an ACCESS trainer since 2005, specialised in prenatal individual or group information sessions for expat couples expecting a baby in the Netherlands.



Lisa Hall

Graphic & Web Designer, WordPress Trainer & Advisor          


          Lisa Hall


Lisa is originally from the UK and after many years in France, Spain and Andorra, she has now settled in The Hague since 2007.

Lisa has run her graphic design business: Lemonberry for the last 15 years, and enjoys working with small businesses either developing their brand from the beginning and working on all media including website development, or helping businesses re-define their public image. She also enjoys teaching others how to build their own websites using WordPress, in a unique series of workshops.





Janneke Hellendoorn

Transformational Life Coach                                          

                               JANNEKE H

 Janneke has been certified as transformational life coach at the Life mastery intitute in Los Angeles . She is specialized as a dreambuilder coach. She coaches people  through the 12-week dream builder program, developed by Mary Manin Morrisey, founder of the Life mastery intitute. This program helps you to discover, built and realize the life you truly love living. Working with a proven, tested and succesful formula accelerates results on all main areas of your life ; relationships, vocation, health and money, time and freedom.               Read more


Janneke also has her own natural health practise in Wassenaar where she works for almost 10 years as a classical homeopath, family counceler and health coach. She offers coaching for burn-outs and  vitality/health training. See link , .


Ute Limacher-Riebold

Consultant, Coach and Trainer

Multilingual coaching                                               


Ute Limacher Riebold  

Ute Limacher-Riebold is a qualified multilingual consultant, coach and trainer.

She holds a PhD in Romance Studies and her expertise lies in verbal and non-verbal communication, bilingualism and intercultural communication (i.e. the interaction between people from different cultures).

Ute is a lifelong expat and knows about the challenges of an international life. In her workshops, trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions she combines scientific findings and personal experiences on several topics related to international life (find out about it here). Her goal is to help internationals navigate their life abroad successfully and enjoy their international journey.

She offers all her services in English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands and Italiano.

Read more about Ute's International Lounge services here.


Teresa Moynihan

Career Consultant and Coach

Career Transition and Job Search Coaching, The greater Hague area

Teresa Moynihan   

Teresa Moynihan is a Certified and Licensed Career Counsellor with a postgraduate qualification in Career and Talent Management. Her expertise in this area is complimented with extensive experience in HR and Training & Development, fulfilling HR key roles throughout a full company life-cycle; start-up, several re-organisations, downsizing and finally company closure. Teresa is also qualified to deliver occupational assessments.

Read more about Teresa's Career Transition here and Job Search coaching here.


Chitra Natarajan

Childbirth Educator - HypnoBirthing®& Lamaze™ 

Childbirth preparation, Utrecht

   Chitra Natarajan

Chitra is a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. She enjoys her role as someone who can support, help and guide a family during Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Postpartum. Chitra is currently in the process of completing Hypno Fertility Educator certificate through HypnoBirthing Institute.



Jacinta Noonan

 Life Coaching for people in Transition & ADHD Coaching for Adults                                                                                          


      Jacinta Noonan             

 Jacinta Noonan is a certified Life Coach and specialises in ADHD Coaching for adults.

 She works with people in transition; those yearning for a change, but who are not sure which direction to take. Through her coaching program she helps people rediscover their passions and strengths and then helps them to craft an exciting, fresh road-map, so they can embark on a new journey that aligns with who they really are.

Jacinta is also a specialised ADHD Coach and works with adults who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, chronic procrastination and stress. Her unique coaching program helps people bring a sense of order and stability back into their lives.

As well as her coaching certification, Jacinta also had a degree in psychology, is a certified NLP master practitioner and a qualified trainer.



Janet Rodenburg

Career Coach

Certified Career Coach & personal development,The greater Utrecht area                                    

 Janet 112

 Janet is a native Dutch with a professional background in anthropology (PhD) and international humanitarian assistance. She lived and worked abroad for prolonged periods. In her coaching you will investigate your life story and how it has formed you into the person you are today. You will look into your inventory of knowledge, experience and qualities. By dismantling any limiting beliefs about yourself you will (re)discover your drives, talents and interests, and what (type of) job would suit you. Janet coaches in English, Dutch, Danish or Indonesian. Know more here  

Read more about Janet’s professional background here 


Jac Rongen

International Coach and Facilitator

Coaching with archery, Amsterdam

    Jac Rongen

Jac has more than 20 years of experience in helping people deal with personal issues through archery. His method is swift and relaxed as the sessions take place in a private park.

Jac feels that the best way to deal with past pain or future anxiety is to focus on the present while learning new skills in archery. This allows one to focus on the here and now rather than on past problems in order to achieve more in the future.


Caitríona Rush

Cross-Cultural Consultant

Helping you feel at home in the Netherlands

    Caitríona Rush

 Caitríona has spent 18 years living and working in 8 countries around the globe. She provides workshops, trainings and one-on-one sessions to both individuals and businesses. Her goal: to help internationals be happy living in the Netherlands, and to facilitate companies in achieving increased effectiveness and success when doing business with other cultures. View her flyer here.


O'ona Souissi

Executive & Career Coach

Helping you build a meaningful career                                                                                                                


                                           Oona Souissi     


Whether you want to find your next assignment, start in a new field, re-enter the workforce, or have your own business, you need a clearer vision: Get an overview of the key strategies to reinvent your career, as well as a checklist of the mistakes to avoid, by registering for free on


Over the past two decades, O'ona Souissi has worked with senior professionals at blue chip companies and helped many people to reinvent their career internationally. She is a certified Executive Coach with a background in Global HR Development and Consulting, and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation. She coaches in English and French.

Lelia Spada

Neuroscience based Mindfulness Trainer and a Motivational Coach                                        

Workshop & Courses                                                     


                   Lelia Spada Pic New

 Lelia Spada is a Mindfulness Trainer and a coach.

She has a professional with a Bachelors Degree in Demographic Statistics, a Minor in Sociology and a Master Degree in Economics Statistics.

Within Cisco Corporate she became a Business Motivational Coach. A Pilates Polestar Associate who developed into Mindfulness under the guidance of the Bangor University Mindfulness team. She is part of the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice, CMRP and an accredited teacher for MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, program, ‘.b ‘ and ‘.b ‘ Foundations Programmes within the UK Mindfulness in School Organizations and of the latest Neuroscience based Breathworks approach.


Lee Tolman

Physiotherapist - Acupuncturist & Childbirth Educator   


                           Lee Tolman
Lee has been practising physiotherapy and teaching childbirth education for over 20+ years. She holds a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Boston University and a plethora of certificates in continuing education including specialization in prenatal & postpartum health care. 

She started teaching the Childbirth Preparation classes for ACCESS back in 1997 when she offered the course in her home in Oegstgeest. In addition to the evening 5 week course and the Sunday Intensive Class through ACCESS, Lee also offers private sessions and refresher classes as well as baby massage instruction and physiotherapy through her company Gravida Sana. Lee is also a trained Mindfulness instructor and integrates this in her work. 


 Alexandra Vos

 Certified Energetic Therapist and Mediation Coach                                                                          

                                      Alexandra Vos Pic

 Alexandra Vos works as energetic therapist and meditation coach. 

Energetic therapy or healing is suitable for a wide range of problems and works physically, emotionally and mentally. Her clients are individuals, groups and companies. Energetic therapy and meditation can help cure or prevent illness or stress and helps you to improve your life or health. After a session the noticeable effect is feeling of relaxation, strength, balance, freedom and inner peace. Alexandra also offer specially tailored programs for individuals or company. For more information , visit website



Ria Wiertz

Antenatal Teacher

Childbirth preparation, Rotterdam


   Ria Wiertz

Ria is a qualified antenatal teacher with over 15 years experience. Ria trained with the Stichting ter Verbreiding van de Psycho Prophylaxes Method, a Dutch Lamaze variant. She is a lactation consultant, personal coach and is qualified to teach Baby Massage. Ria is in the process of obtaining the official Lamaze Trainer Certificate so she can train others to give this wonderful course.



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