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Whether you are a well-travelled expat, a first timer on an international assignment, or someone who is living short or long-term in the Netherlands, ACCESS is here to help you. Our international team of experienced volunteers can provide practical information, advice, support and services to assist with all aspects of moving to, or living in the Netherlands, particularly when "being far from home".


We add value to your Google search!

Furthermore services such as those of our counselling service network and different training programmes are 'expat/international friendly' - provided by individuals who are familiar with being far from home.

Contact details of this month's on-call counsellors can be found here.


We provide information and advice via our helpdesk.


Our Community Education team manages the ACCESS Trainer Network, putting you in touch with professional trainers covering a range of topics that reflect the interests and experiences of the international community.


We also offer a range of publications to assist you with living in the Netherlands: the ACCESS magazine or ezine, the ACCESS Guides, and, on our online shop which offers some useful books relating to living in the Netherlands. These can also be purchased from our office, please consult about availability before coming in though.







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