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Childbirth Preparation December 2017 (Utrecht)

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Having a baby


sat 09 dec - 10.00


Praktijk DOM; Amsterdamsestraatweg 134; 3513 AL Utrecht




240 Euros per couple *

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Chitra Natarajan

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Our trainers suggest that in order to take part in this course you need to be in your third Trimester, at least  26 weeks pregnant.

This course is designed for couples and runs on Saturday 9th December. 

The course runs for 8 hours from 10.00hrs - 18.00hrs with one hour break for lunch (12.30.-13.30). Please bring your own lunch, snacks and tea/coffee will be provided. 

-  Birth ball/ Gym ball for exercises

-  Yoga mat 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What to expect with the health system in the Netherlands 
  • Prenatal bonding & positive womb experience
  • Active stages of labor, What happens in your body and when to call the midwife/hospital
  • Different types of breathing for contractions & pushing stage
  • Pain management & ways to cope with labor 
  • Partners involvement in pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum
  • Pain relief possibilities
  • Various positions for birthing 
  • C section & vacuum delivery
  • Skin to skin contact & breastfeeding information
  • Referral to other important websites & courses
  • First weeks after childbirth & bonding
  • Postpartum blues & depression 
  • Any other questions


* The costs of the course may be reimbursed from your health insurance. ACCESS, however, bears no responsibility for this process. Please check with your insurance company for details yourself.



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