Healthcare in the Netherlands

Moving to another country means that you need to get familiar with many practical things that seem so self-evident in your home country. One of these things is the way a country provides healthcare for its residents.


Standard insurance package (basisverzekering)

It is compulsory for everyone living in the Netherlands to take out a standard insurance package (basisverzekering) by a Dutch health insurance provider, except for expat workers of certain international organisations and embassies.


Health insurance companies have an obligation to accept everyone for the standard package, irrespective of gender, age and health. The coverage of this standard package (basisverzekering) is determined by the Government and is subject to annual review. However, insurance companies can decide themselves how the coverage will work.. For example, some providers will only allow you to see local doctors, while others may offer the possibility to travel abroad for healthcare if the service is not available in the Netherlands.


The standard package (basisverzekering) generally covers the following (but not always 100% of all costs):

  • hospital care
  • medication
  • rehabilitation
  • medical care by specialists, GPs and midwives
  • dental care for persons younger than 18
  • therapists, such as speech therapists and dieticians
  • mental health care
  • maternity care
  • necessary medical help during a holiday or business trip abroad, worldwide. Please check with your health insurance provider which costs are covered, as it depends on the country you are visiting.


Supplementary health insurance

It is possible to take out supplementary health insurance but unlike the basic insurance policy, the insurance companies are not obliged to accept you for this. The supplementary package may cover physiotherapy, glasses and contact lenses, dental help for persons of 18 years and older and alternative medicine such as homeopathy and acupuncture. The coverage and premium differs per insurance company.

In the ACCESS guide "Healthcare in the Netherlands", you will find more information about the Dutch healthcare system; the Dutch national medical insurance, the family doctor (or huisarts), hospitals, dental care, mental health, pharmacies, maternity etc.


Health Advise

It is very important to have a right balance of mental and physical health to lead a happy life. If you are looking for some Health Advise, know more from the professionals:-


Alexandra Vox

Alexandra Vos works as energetic therapist and meditation coach. 

Energetic therapy or healing is suitable for a wide range of problems and works physically, emotionally and mentally. Her clients are individuals, groups and companies. Energetic therapy and meditation can help cure or prevent illness or stress and helps you to improve your life or health. After a session the noticeable effect is feeling of relaxation, strength, balance, freedom and inner peace. Alexandra also offer specially tailored programs for individuals or company. For more information , visit website


Jac Rongen

Jac has more than 20 years of experience in helping people deal with personal issues through archery. His method is swift and relaxed as the sessions take place in a private park. Jac feels that the best way to deal with past pain or future anxiety is to focus on the present while learning new skills in archery. This allows one to focus on the here and now rather than on past problems in order to achieve more in the future.


Lelia Spada

Lelia Spada is a Mindfulness Trainer and a coach.

She has a professional with a Bachelors Degree in Demographic Statistics, a Minor in Sociology and a Master Degree in Economics Statistics. Within Cisco Corporate she became a Business Motivational Coach. A Pilates Polestar Associate who developed into Mindfulness under the guidance of the Bangor University Mindfulness team. She is part of the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice, CMRP and an accredited teacher for MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, program, ‘.b ‘ and ‘.b ‘ Foundations Programmes within the UK Mindfulness in School Organizations and of the latest Neuroscience based Breathworks approach. For more information, visit :


Marie - Christine Belemsgiri-Dezaire

Marie-Christine is an aroma therapist and Pure Essential oils consultant. Through Healing Touch and Massage with essential oils, she helps people:

  • Reduce and eliminate stress and increase their energetic level.
  • Build courage and confidence to move forward in their lives.

She conducts  workshops, trainings and one-on-one sessions to help people empower themselves and make conscious choices for a healthy life. For more information, visit :




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