Telephone, internet and TV

Telephoning your family, watching television, sending emails and other messages, reading the news on the internet. Whatever your needs may be, the Netherlands has many opportunities to offer you high quality telecommunications. This overview is a brief summary of the options available to you in the Netherlands.



Generally, there are two kinds of telephones: fixed (landline) and mobile.

Buying a mobile telephone in the Netherlands is reasonably straightforward. There is a wide range of packages offered by different companies, to suit different needs and often there are special offers available in their stores.



Connecting to the internet via telephone or television cable is not a problem in the Netherlands. There are more than 100 internet service providers (ISPs) operating in the Dutch market and the country has an enviable infrastructure which is capable of supporting the most recent technologies.

The first step to getting internet access at home is to decide which type of connection best suits your needs and budget. You can choose between having an ADSL/broadband connection, which is faster but more expensive, or a dial-up one, which is slower but cheaper. Remember to always read the small print! What may appear to be a good deal is often too good to be true. Be sure to compare all the aspects of what companies are offering as some limits may be applied, such as size of the mailbox or the amount of data you are allowed to download.



In the Netherlands analogue cable television is wide-spread but the number of households with digital television is growing. A minority of people receive satellite television.


General Procedure to Set Up Utilities - helps customers arrange their utilities in the Netherlands, such as energy, water, internet and TV, free of charge


In the ACCESS guide "Your First three Months in the Netherlands", you will find more information on the different types of products for the telephone, internet and television, the providers; and useful weblinks.

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