Before you arrive

If you come to the Netherlands to live, work or study, you are likely to have some questions about the arrangements you need to make.



The Dutch Government immigration website will guide you to the government organisations you may have to deal with.

If you fill in your profile on the website, you will see a list of subjects that are relevant for you, with links to information from the organisations concerned (i.e. legalisation and certification of documents such as birth, marriage certificates, etc.…)


Valid ID

From 01 January 2005 onwards, it became compulsory for everyone in the Netherlands aged 14 years and older to carry a proof of identity. The police has the right to ask you at any point of time to show this.

The following documents are accepted as valid proof of identity:

  • Passport
  • European identity card (Identiteitskaart)
  • Driving licence



If you are not from any one of the EU countries, it's advisable to get some money exchanged to Euros before your arrival as it could take a few days to get a bank account opened. Also, it takes approximately two weeks after the first deposit before you get your PIN or credit cards.

There might be other areas / information you might like to look up before coming to the Netherlands, such as:

  • Looking for accommodations (buy or rent)
  • Pet regulations
  • Information with regards to Schools (Local / International)


You can find more useful information in our ACCESS Guide Your first three months in the Netherlands as well as our other Guides.

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