What is the Inburgering?

Inburgering is a civic Integration Course. The purpose of this course is to learn the Dutch language as well as some other aspects of the Dutch culture/society.


Why should I follow a course?

  • if you need a valid resident permit (when you don't have a Dutch, Swiss or EU passport)
  • if you apply for a Dutch passport


Find more information on: In Dutch only, but Google Translate might be of help to you.


Where can I follow this course?

Different municipalities in the Netherlands offer these courses.

Taalcursus (Language Courses) are also offered and their focus is mainly on teaching the Dutch language. At the end of the Taalcursus you will be able to take the Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2) staatsexamen (Dutch as a second language state exam) which certifies that you can speak and understand the Dutch Language on a working/academic level.




To apply for an interview in Den Haag (in Dutch):


Here you can find institutions that offer Inburgering courses in your area:

In Dutch only, but Google Translate might be of help to you.




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